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frosch records / musikwerkstatt linz
lustenauerstrasse 35
linz 4020
Tel.: 0043(0)699/19182280, Fax: 0043(0)732/918228
The Mugshot Story

Starting in the early spring of 2004 Mugshot found them selves in a creative time to hit the recording studio. It took 5 years to find the perfect line up before Syco Sikes, Mr.Paranoia and Mister Wax decided to put 6 songs on a record.
Up on a hill looking down on a river stuck together in a small room it was still fun to record these songs. The Mugshot were influenced by bands like Social Destortion, Rancid , Backyard Babies, Turbonegro and the Hunns. A singer from the West Coast a drummer with Australien roots a riot boy in a wrong town and a real long haired hardcore youngster trying to make you Rock for life. So if you like Rock n Roll and like to move your feet we will see you on the next dancefloor - stay cool fool.


"heaven & hell" CD frosch records 2004
mp3 download at

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